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Delicate jewellery is back in trend! Theres proof online with pictures pouring on Instagram, clothing, shoes, jewellery, its definitely in. Its time to give those statement necklaces a rest. Minimal jewellery like a couple of rings plus a delicate pendant work together to give you that demure ladylike allure! There are just as many metals as there are brands. Its okay, to mix your metals whether gold or silver. But the bottom line is that this looks all about getting creative.

Combining colours will add to the overall vibe because layering isnt about one item, its about the big picture. If youre a person who likes barely-there, dainty jewellery, you can say you are a minimalist and still pull off a chic girl persona. If you want to look dressier you can always pair a few rings with a bracelet or two and add a necklace to the mix to get a new look. Heres why you can’t go wrong:

They are timeless classics. They might have lost some ground to statement jewellery, but wearing a thin necklace has always been considered a sign of elegance in jewellery London. Thin rings have also found their place. In the recent months the fashion world has witnessed a new trend of layers of thin necklaces, stacked thin rings on more than a finger, thin-bracelets and other body jewellery and the effect seems to be mind blowing. There is so much you can achieve by a simple mix and match.

Its minimalism without being minimal. When we wear a statement ring or necklace, the outfit is all about that. When you wear thin jewellery though, its like you’re wearing just tiny little straps of gold here and there, leaving the outfit and your simplicity to talk for itself and become the sole hallmark of your elegance.

They will reflect your creativity. Pile them up, those flimsy chains and crowd them on your fingers, hands and necks, layering them with thin necklaces to look like a princess. You can also keep it super simple with one tiny piece. Point is you can safely play with them and you may just get surprised at how delicate and elegant the effect is.
Sometimes loud, bold jewellery can stand out and overpower your outfit. With the explosion of online stores you can find lots of delicate, singular pieces of fashion jewellery online. Show off your cute charms on a bracelet or string up a tiny pendant of your zodiac sign; wear your initials on your fingers, but remember to keep it to demure!

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