Fashion Tips That Flatter Pear-Shaped Women

Many women with a pear-shaped figure struggle when looking to put together the right outfit that complements their curves. Fortunately, you still can rock a sexy outfit no matter what size you are it just takes the right fabrics, colours, styles and patterns to help create the most flattering look possible. Shop for the type of plus size clothes that best accentuates your upper body and draws the eyes away from the lower part, especially from hips and thighs.

Dresses – Pick a style that highlights the neckline, such as a halter dress. A smart halter dress will tend to show off the arms and shoulders. A sleeveless style is a good option to draw the eye to the slender neck and shoulders of a pear-shaped woman. A beautiful A-line dress with a V-neck or square neckline can help to highlight those features.

Skirts Avoid full styles like a skater style that add volume to your lower half. A circle skirt will only make you look wider. Instead, opt for an A-line skirt that flatters your body and show off your curves. A plain skirt is also an ideal way to puts the emphasis above the waist and minimizes your heavy lower part.

A pencil skirt can also flatter your curves in a best possible way.

Tops and T-shirts – Go with tops and tee shirts that draw attention to your face and away from your fuller hips and thighs. Pick plus size tops with interesting features such as neck printing or extra-large buttons. Avoid choosing dark shades for tops with light bottoms, as this can make your lower body appear even larger.

Jeans and Trousers Opt for a wide leg palazzo to help minimize bulkiness below the waist. Suitable options include Ali Baba style or peg leg style. Stay away from tight, skinny or slim fit jeans, as they can make your thighs and legs seem larger. Select jeans in bell-bottom styles made of breathable and stretchable material.

Fabric also play an important role to flatter your body shape, so avoid fabrics that cling to you. Go with dark colours like black, red, navy, royal blue, chocolate brown and charcoal. Light colours tend to have a widening effect to your lower part. Also choose patterns wisely because you can use them to avoid exaggerating your pear shape.

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